Hi! My name is Tom Cole and I am an ecletic man! I’m also the President of Pure Heart Ministries International and Hope Grows Farm (visit our website at www.pureheart.us). I’m also the co-author of “Pure Heart – Restoration of the Heart through the Beatitudes”. My wife, Donna, and I speak internationally on healing the wounded heart, living a Spirit-led life and enjoying a life of prayer and presence.


I have an insatiable desire to learn. I’ve been that way since I was a child. That desire to learn has led me to read and research history, political and social issues as well as learning how to grow and make my own food from scratch. I’m a certified cheesemaker and attended the University of Vermont’s Artisan Cheesemaking School. I’ve also attended training in Korean Natural Farming and am currently learning how to cure and age my own meats.

My wife and I are currently looking for a farm where we can restore broken and burned-out pastors, missionaries, worship leaders, business leaders and others along with creating a farm that is sustainable and all natural. We long to heal God’s hearts and heal God’s land.

My goal for this blog is to engage and inspire. I hope that people will see my posts as a platform for spirited discussion and sharing of their own thoughts. I’m not afraid to discuss controversial subjects and I enjoy being challenged and questioned. Let’s discuss and share and maybe change each other’s minds about life, God and how we treat one another!

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