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I’ve always been a foodie. I love to cook, eat and learn all about the processes involved in making healthy (and sometimes not so healthy) and delicious food! The first recipe I ever followed was Eggs Benedict (I know, not a good recipe for beginners) when I was just 10 years old. I then requested a crepe pan for my 12th birthday. Most of my favorite gifts to this day are tools for the kitchen. This year my wife bought me an electric pressure cooker and an electric griddle. She knows what brings me joy!

I caught the cooking bug from my dad. My mom cooked the basics. She cooked spaghetti, roasts, potatoes and the simpler things. My dad, however, explored and created. He rarely followed a recipe, and if he did it was only a starting point. He had grand successes and miserable failures. My favorites were always his soups and stews. The worst creation was “ham”burgers. He ground leftover ham and made patties which he cooked on the grill. Not even the dog would eat it. I would watch my father create with wonder and found myself wanting to be like him in the kitchen.

I have also enjoyed gardening and growing my own fruits and vegetables. The more that I have to do with the process the better. We’ve raised chickens for meat and for eggs. We raised rabbits for delicious stewing and grilling. I became a certified cheese maker so I could make my own raw milk cheeses. I’m currently studying Charcuterie (smoked and aged meats) so I can make delicious sausages, hams and salami to go with my hand-made cheeses.

The Food and Farm posts will feature my favorite recipes, food making processes, favorite restaurants, healthy choices in food and guest blogs from experts on food, health and farming. I hope you enjoy journey discovery and learning along with me.

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Tom Cole

Tom Cole and his wife, Donna, currently live in Greenville, South Carolina and together direct Pure Heart Ministries International and Hope Grows Farm and Restoration Center. Tom is an avid foodie, a certified cheesemaker, an amateur cured meat maker, a lover of all things social and political, a voracious reader and a lover of growing and making food in a natural way!

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