To Dream the Impossible Dream

I’m one of those people that if there is a leadership vacuum, I will jump in and fill it. Even when I don’t want to lead in a situation, I usually find myself being delegated leadership in groups. I’ve been the organizer and promoter of parties and get-togethers. I’m usually the visionary for group vacations and expeditions. Most of the jobs I have held were in management. I love being around groups of people, so I find myself managing groups of people in various circumstances. But true leadership doesn’t mean you are the person in charge. Leadership is so much more than that.

True leadership is moving from outside our own dreams and desire in order to see the dreams and desires of other come into full fruition. We are truly servant leaders. We do have a vision to see actualized. But if we are true leaders we will see others dreams and visions actualized even while fulfilling our own. We are more than managers of people. We are dream developers.

My hope is to become a leader who helps other fulfill their dreams and visions, even while fulfilling my own. I believe we are made for a purpose. From birth we have a personality and temperament made to reflect our Maker. Let’s walk the path of leadership together. This blog will be an opportunity to share and discuss the best way to lead.


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Tom Cole

Tom Cole and his wife, Donna, currently live in Greenville, South Carolina and together direct Pure Heart Ministries International and Hope Grows Farm and Restoration Center. Tom is an avid foodie, a certified cheesemaker, an amateur cured meat maker, a lover of all things social and political, a voracious reader and a lover of growing and making food in a natural way!

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